Boulevard Light Pole Banner

  • 30" x 48"

    30" x 48"

  • 30" x 60"

    30" x 60"

  • 30" x 72"

    30" x 72"

Fence Banner

  • 3' x 9'

    3' x 9'

    $900.00 ea.

Special packages are available for orders of multiple banners. For more information, contact Chad

(530) 221-2344

[email protected]

Marketing materials (banners) will be on display for 1 year after installation.

Marketing materials will be installed 14 working days after our agreements has been signed, paid in full, and artwork submitted. California Soccer Park will purchase and install banner(s).

Submit artwork within one week of payment. 

Graphic design assistance is included in banner pricing. If you'd like assistance with creating banner artwork or would rather send your artwork at a later time, contact Andy

[email protected]

(530) 782-8935

Preferred file formats: PDF, EPS, or AI

Other accepted file formats: JPG, TIFF, PNG @ 150dpi (final print will not match as well with these file types when compared to PDF, EPS, or AI)


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